Biomi- Hand Sanitizer - 250ml
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Biomi- Hand Sanitizer - 250ml

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Hand Sanitizer Gel

Clean hands are part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is at work or at home, the use of a hand sanitizer gel between regular washes helps prevent the spread of microbes and viruses of all kinds. Biomi is more than just a hand sanitizer gel. It leaves the skin clean, soft, fresh and hydrated without feeling of dryness thanks to its formula enriched with organic aloe vera, organic eucalyptus essential oil and glycerine. With its high-quality alcohol concentration of 70% v/v and the absence of chemical or toxic ingredients in its composition, it effectively and safely kills harmful bacteria and germs.

Biomi contains 70% v/v superior food grade alcohol (USP) nonchemically transformed. Its high alcohol concentration allows a better antibacterial and antiseptic action. Furthermore, since it does not contain any chemical and toxic agents, its use is safe. Biomi is licenced by Health Canada (NPN #80098252), which has recognized its quality and effectiveness.

Biomi’s formula is made with natural ingredients from organic farming. It combines aloe vera gel to moisturize, soften and protect the skin with eucalyptus essential oil to purify and cleanse it. It also contains glycerine for its antimicrobial and antiviral action in addition to its moisturizing, softening and emollient properties. Biomi does not contain toxic or chemical ingredients.

• Natural ingredients from organic farming
• No toxic chemical ingredients
• Food grade (UPS) ethyl alcohol (70% v/v)
• Eliminates harmful germs and bacteria
• Doesn’t dry or irritate the skin
• Suits all skin types
• Can also be used to disinfect the skin before a hair removal treatment
• Certified by Health Canada (NPN #80098252)