Brow Daddy Numbae Wipes - Pack of 10
Brow Daddy Numbae Wipes - Pack of 10
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Brow Daddy Numbae Wipes - Pack of 10

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NumBae Wipes is the GAMECHANGER we all needed all these years, but we just didn’t know... this will change everything and make your life so much easier and your customer's experience so much more comfortablePAIN-FREE!

How to use NumBae Wipes?

For professional use only. Avoid direct eye contact.

Simply wipe off excess pigment after each pass, and the active ingredient infused into the wipes' formula will keep your client comfortable throughout the treatment. If you need additional strength, just lay the wipe on top of the treatment area and gently press it onto the client's skin for 30-60 seconds.

Thank us later 😉