Brow Daddy Wrap - 492 ft
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Brow Daddy Wrap - 492 ft

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Lasts you a LONG time!  Because we put in more wrap in there. Introducing the Brow Daddy Wrap—extra long.


Works great with your favorite numbing solution. Put your favorite numbing on those brow babies then wrap 'em up with the BROW DADDY Wrap.  


Great wrap to use for Brow Lamination.  Such as with the Brow Lift Kit.  A wrap is recommended if you need to intensify the active formula during a brow lamination procedure.


Convenient and easy to use. Comes with a sliding mechanism to cut the wrap.  No more struggling to tear a piece of brow wrap, just slide with your finger to easily cut, and then do as the directions say: Wrap 'em up, babe. 😉