Capella XL Cozy Chair- Hydraulic Pump
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Capella XL Cozy Chair- Hydraulic Pump

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A treatment chair is at the heart of the customer experience. At their introduction, the Capella chairs have not only revolutionized the client’s comfort, but they also transformed the working habits of the beauty professional.  Today, the new generation Capella Cozy, redefines once again world’s highest standards.  Its completely redesigned base is now more compact allowing the professional to have easy access to the treated area while maintaining an ergonomic working posture.

 And with the brand-new hydraulic mechanism, the height adjustment and the 360° rotation are now smoother than ever. A comforting space for the client and at the same time extremely convenient for the professional, this is what offers the new Capella Cozy.
- Hydraulic-base treatment chair.
- Hydraulic height adjusment with robust cylinder-stem and foot pump.
- Hydraulic backrest and legrest control.
- Tilting seat.
- Swivel chair (360°).

- Removable armrests with safety straps
- Paper holder
- U-shaped headrest
- Colored leatherette or Soft touch - Porsche style leatherette