Capella XL Cozy Semi-Electric Chair
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Capella XL Cozy Semi-Electric Chair

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Unique, stylish and ergonomic treatment chair. Electric adjustment of the base (height) with an Up/Down remote controller. Hydraulic foot-activated backrest and legrest. Tilting seat. Removable, adjustable and tilting headrest. Compact base offering maximum clearance. High-density anatomical white mattress. High quality material. Made in Canada. Colored leatherette and armrests available in option. Various options available. Supports up to 136kg (300lbs)
  • Dimension

• Semi-electric treatment chair with an Up/Down remote controller.
• Electric adjustment of the base (height). 
• Hydraulic backrest and legrest control.
• Tilting seat.
• Removable and adjustable headrest.
• White anatomically-shaped mattress.
• Removable armrests (optional).
• Supports up to 136kg (300lbs).
• Various options available. 

•  Removable armrests with safety straps
• Paper holder
• U-shaped headrest
• Color leatherette