Collamasq- Eye Contour Mask | Action De Gala
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Collamasq- Eye Contour Mask | Action De Gala

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Formulated from highly concentrated natural collagen (more than 50%), this mask deeply moisturizes the skin, stimulates cellular regeneration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles in a flash! Since the collagen used in Collamasq has a very similar shape as the one that is naturally present in the skin, the moisturizing effect is very intense. When soaked, the collagen mask takes on a gel-like structure, while retaining its firmness. It can thus be contoured to flow seamlessly in the smallest wrinkles. Intense radiance boost guaranteed! Especially recommended for the optimization of anti-aging skincare, micro-current treatments, radio-frequency, pulsed light and microdermabrasion. For all types of skin. Paraben free.

Package of 5 masks.