Daylight Magnifier Omega 5 LED (3 & 5 Diopters)
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Daylight Magnifier Omega 5 LED (3 & 5 Diopters)

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The Omega 5 Magnifier is part of the Daylight Company's range of magnifying lamps. It has a 12.7 cm (5") diameter glass lens with 3 diopters (1.75X) magnification. An additional 5 diopters (2.25X) magnification lens is also included. It comes with 4 brightness levels to suit your needs. The internal spring arm allows accurate positioning. The aesthetically pleasing white and grey finish fits perfectly within any professional environment.

Light source: LED
Lumens: 548
Lux at 15 cm: 5,500
Colour temperature: 6,000Ā°K
Energy consumption: 11W
Colour: light grey / white
LED rated life (hours): 50,000
4 steps touch dimmer: 5,500 ā€“ 4,000 ā€“ 2,500 ā€“ 1,700
Lens Ƙ: 12.7 cm (5ā€)
Lens material: glass
Magnification: 3 diopters (1.75X)
Additional magnification: 5 diopters (2.25X)

Height: 58.5 cm (23ā€)
Width: 18 cm (7ā€)
Depth: 78 cm (31ā€)

The lens cannot be cleaned with alcohol, ammonia or harsh products.
Mild soap and lukewarm water only.
A lens damaged by cleaning is not covered by the warranty.