Action De Gala | Elixa - Eye & Lip Serum - 30ml
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Action De Gala | Elixa - Eye & Lip Serum - 30ml

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Eyes-Lips Radiance Serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles and softens the bags under the eyes, while making the skin glow.


Superox-C is an extract from the Kakadu plum. This unique Australian superfruit is reputed for having the highest vitamin C content in the world; 100 times more than an orange! It reinforces the skin’s antioxidant defenses to better protect it against oxidative stress and skin aging. Superox-C also contains a large quantity of polyphenols, which increases its antioxidant potency and limits the breakdown of dermal components. Furthermore, the synthesis of pro-collagen I and hyaluronic acid is also induced. The dermis is both protected and reinforced allowing for the minimized appearance of wrinkles in the eye area and around the lips. 

  • Aldavin: protects from photo-aging, reduces the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness, maintains the integrity of micro-capillaries during UV exposition.
  • Lanachrys: reduces inflammation, decongestant and free radicals trapper.
  • Chronoline: anti-aging and anti-wrinkle action, makes the skin smoother, firmer and more even.
  • Riboxyl: improves cell functions, increases elasticity and has an anti-wrinkle action. Energizes and oxygenates the skin, improves the radiance of the complexion.