Exfoliating Eyebrow Brush - single
Exfoliating Eyebrow Brush - single
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Exfoliating Eyebrow Brush - single

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Our silicone eyebrow stimulator brush is the perfect brush for preparing and cleansing the eyebrow area prior to any eyebrow service including brow lamination or a henna eyebrow tint.

With its unique head, the stimulator brush exfoliates the area removing dead skin cell and when used along with our oil-free gentle foam cleanser it prepares clients brows perfectly.

In addition, we recommend using the stimulator brush everyday to encourage natural hair growth. By rubbing the area daily you encourage blood flow to the eyebrow hair stimulating the hair follicles which encourages growth.


Whenever possible we prefer to reduce single-use products and look for alternatives that can be easily cleansed and re-used between clients. Silicone is a durable product that can be used over and over again and easily disinfected between clients for re-use.

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