Foot Callus File | Diamancel
Foot Callus File | Diamancel
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Foot Callus File | Diamancel

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  • Durable because made of real diamond. Diamancel files are the most durable files on the market.
  • Effective and easy to use: the abrasive natural properties of diamond do the work for you, effortlessly.
  • Flexible.
  • Can be washed with soap and water.
  • Hygienic because disinfects with alcohol or antibacterial solution respecting soaking time. 


The # 20 - coarse foot file is a heavy-duty pedicure tool which reduces calluses and corns to powder and it is the best very sanitary callus eliminator.

Size: 17.9 cm   7''

The # 21 - fine foot file is a fine grit real diamond foot rasp. This foot care tool is ideal for removing small dry and rough skin from the feet.

Size: 17.9 cm   7''


Diamancel foot callus files work better when they are cleaned. Use them on dry skin to obtain the best results. Then, wash them after each use with soapy water with a soft brush. Rinse them with water and let them dry before storing.