Gala Eternity Ion
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Gala Eternity Ion

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Gala’s Eternity Ion is a “must” for every esthetician and electrologist. This functionally designed beauty system allows for transdermal infusion, deep-cleansing and skin desensitization treatment. Used in combination with ionizing products, such as those offered under the Action de Gala brand, it promotes deep penetration of all active ingredients and enhances the benefits of aesthetic treatments. Also, it is perfect for soothing skin after microdermabrasion treatments and it promotes ostium dilation prior to the removal of blackheads. Recommend Gala’s Eternity Ion to your clients. It’s a perfect little “extra” that will surely please everyone.

• Allows to perform transdermal infusion, deep-cleansing, and skin desensitization treatments
• Original and compact design
• Easy rotary knob intensity adjustment
• Fully transistorized for more precision
• Manufacturing ensuring optimal performance
• Polarity inversion key
• Universal electrode handle
• Easy to use
• Affordable

• Promotes in-depth penetration of products
• Enhances the power of active ingredients
• Cataphoresis (soothes redness, antibacterial effect, vasoconstriction)
• Anaphoresis (emulsifies sebum secretions, deep-cleansing, vasodilation, stimulates circulation, facilitates blackhead extraction)