Instantronics Spectrum Elite - Base Model
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Instantronics Spectrum Elite - Base Model

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In order to activate your 3 year machine warranty, you MUST fill out the machine info form. Please request the link to this form after completing your purchase.

Note: This model is a Thermolysis only machine.

Any remaining balance on the machine and options must be paid prior to shipment of the requested machine.

Instantronics Elite Spectrum

  • Estimated delivery is 8-10 weeks.


With exclusive features and capabilities:

wide-screen meter, “flash” and “micro-flash presets, no footswitch option in all modalities, single foot switch option in all modalities, and auto/ sequential/ manual blend.  

Unlimited combinations of delay times for RF and galvanic, exclusive “Auto-Ramping”, skin sensor, and full linear control. Membrane switches and variable start delay. With all accessories.

The Elite Spectrum features: A wide-screen meter Flash and Micro-Flash presets Auto I Sequential/Manual Blend Unlimited combinations of delay times for RF and Galvanic Plus: Exclusive “auto-ramping” circuitry – automatically lowers intensity as operator increases timing Skin sensor “sense-and-adjust” circuitry Automatic RF timing from Flash through 15 seconds Full manual option in all modalities Variable delay start Membrane switches Full linear control


  • Base Model ($5110.00): Flash and Galvanic, includes the power-cord for your region, foot pedal, two needle holders, two needle holder clips, Red Cord for the hand held electrode, Black Cord for the carbon roller for electrophoresis (cata- and ana-), one (1) package of F-Shank Size-3 Insulated Ballet Sterile Disposable Electrolysis Needles, and an instruction booklet.
  • Air-Flow ($699): Adds airflow to the tip of the needle holder to cool the client's skin during electrolysis.
  • K-Power ($659): Increased power for your work: The K option increases the power output of the Spectrum Elite by 40% more relative to the base model Elite Spectrum.