Laser-Diode Eyewear - 800-810NM
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Laser-Diode Eyewear - 800-810NM

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For VitaGym (body sculpting) mode available on Vitaderm. 10 cm (4 in) diameter.

The 5X7 series overspec laser safety goggles ensure the best possible fit over all kinds of prescription and other corrective glasses. Due to the breadth of the lens, they also provide an optimal level of protection in addition to an extended field of view. The adjustable temples are equipped with Softpad technology, a structural arrangement that allows the user to fine tune the fit according to his or her specific needs.

  • Developed to be worn comfortably over all prescription glasses
  • Ultra-light frame (42g)
  • Polycarbonate wide vision single-lens absorbing filters
  • Equipped with patented Softpad technology
  • Adjustable temple length