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Premier LED Lash Magnifier 5 Lenses | PremierLash

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The PremierLash LED Magnifier features a lightweight sports frame, with an adjustable earpiece. Added light reduces eye fatigue and provides clarity for precision applications.  A sturdy design makes it easy to switch lenses as needed. Comfort grips on-ear and nose pieces give a secure, no-slip fit.  Can be worn with or without existing glasses.

Magnifier Includes:

  • Lightweight Sports frame
  • Adjustable Headband
  • 5 interchangeable lenses
  • 2 LED Bulbs

Magnification Levels:

1.0X:  Working distance 20 inches
1.5X:  Working distance 15 inches
2.0X:  Working distance 10 inches
2.5X:  Working distance 7 inches
3.0X:  Working distance 6 inches