Pro-Tec | Protective Caps - Disposable - 10pk or singles
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Pro-Tec | Protective Caps - Disposable - 10pk or singles

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The conventional white cap installed on the electrolysis and thermocoagulation probe-holders can become a potential source of cross-contamination when it is in contact with cell debris, interstitial fluid or even the client’s blood during a wrong insertion. Decontamination of the plastic cap is then necessary and requires debris removal and sterilization procedure, which may be ineffective between two clients. In addition, several studies show that the cleaning prior to sterilization is not sufficiently effective in the internal parts of this cap due to its limited accessibility. The Pro-Tec® disposable protective cap is a simple, efficient and hygienic alternative solution to minimize direct or cross-contamination while presenting superior benefis to conventional white caps.

Pro-Tec® single-use protective caps are individually sealed and pre-sterilized for optimal safety. In addition, their unique design protects the probeholder pen up to 3 centimeters, covering the handling position during the treatment.

Pro-Tec® special design allows a solid grip from the technician and is easily installed onto the majority of probe-holders available on the market. Its semi-transparent design has an high-tech character and lets the shank show which ensures contact with the probe installed in the probeholder.

Pro-Tec® disposable caps provide peace of mind to both the client and the technician. Because it is disposable, it allows to save a lot of cleaning and sterilization time. You can show your professionalism and reassure your clients by opening the sealed package in front of them and dispose of the single-use cap and contaminated probe after each treatment.

• Individually wrapped with 5-year sterility guarantee
• Provide peace of mind for you and your clients
• Fit on most probeholders on the market
• Protect the probeholder up to 3 centimeters
• Absence of direct or cross-contamination
• Low cost of use
• Time, cleaning/sterilizing products and electric energy saving
• Unique Canadian-designed product by Dectro International
• Sold in boxes of 10 units


1. Unpack the protective cap and put it on the probeholder by screwing it slightly (a 1st time).
2. Unwrap the probe.
3. Insert the probe into the probeholder.
4. Screw on the protective cap 
a 2nd time.
5. Using tweezers, push the probe into the probeholder until the SteriGard (colored part of the probe) touch the protective cap. Screw on the protective cap a 3rd and last time.
6. Remove the plastic protection from the probe