RefectoCil | Brushanizer
RefectoCil | Brushanizer
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RefectoCil | Brushanizer

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Professionals often have to work with lots of tools, brushes, pencils and different products at the same time. It can be a challenge to be organized since workspaces are often small and narrow. Also: a tidy work area is a safe work area!


Dirty work surfaces and searching for a place to store your brow & lash tools are now things of the past! 

The “Brushanizer” is a practical and hygienic brush storage solution. 3 generous storage areas allow you to work cleanly while ensuring your workspace doesn’t become dirty or sticky.

The Brushanizer is easy to clean, secure and stable. It also works as decorative piece until you’re ready to use it again, making a real statement in any brow & lash styling corner!