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Over time, the surface of the skin accumulates dead cells and cellular debris that prevent the renewal of the cells that make up the epidermis, block the effective penetration of cosmetic products and thus cause imperfections.Microdermabrasion with the Safina device offers a deep exfoliation that clears your skin of these dead cells and debris using a crystal or diamond tip polish. The result? The skin renews its epidermis more efficiently, absorbs cosmetic products better and appears more even.





Thanks to its high-tech design, the Safina device acts in depth in order to stimulate cell regeneration and even out the surface of the skin. It is the ideal solution for both the face and the body to reduce the appearance of the following imperfections:


•Dark spots
•Signs of aging (wrinkles)
•Dilated pores, oily skin and dull complexion
•Sun damaged skin
•Scars and stretch marks


After a Safina microdermabrasion treatment, the skin is smoother, softer and luminous!



The Safina vacuum system revitalises the skin by removing surface impurities. It promotes oxygenation of the epidermis as it prepares it for microdermabrasion. This phase can also be used as a prelude to any facial treatment.




The Safina Pur device offers a mechanical exfoliation with microcrystals.This method involves the projection of microcrystals onto the skin in a uniform jet, with a degree of intensity adjusted to the client’s sensitivity. The microcrystals used come from corundum, a highly abrasive stone that is almost as hard as diamond, which is also hypoallergenic and inert. This type of microdermabrasion allows for a precise and in-depth treatment of imperfections on the face and body.Safina Pur uses ultra fine microcrystals (abrasion level: 120 grits/size: 102 microns) adapted to all skin types. 1.9 kg container included.


PRO Option

This option can be added at any time to your Safina Pur device to optimize its versatility. It allows you to add 2 additional functions:


-Program for fine microcrystals (100 grits/122 microns) and accessories


These microcrystals are more abrasive. They are ideal for treating skin imperfections that require deeper work, thicker skin and certain body areas. The kit includes a removable microcrystal tank and 1.9 kg of fine microcrystals (100 grits/122 microns)


-Diamond tip program and accessories


The diamond tip offers a gentle exfoliation, especially suitable for sensitive skin. It is also ideal for treating more delicate areas such as around the eyes. The surface of the head is made of abrasive fragments. The exfoliating action is performed by friction with the surface layer of the epidermis while a suction system removes the debris and other dead skin. The set includes a specific handpiece and 9 diamond heads of different sizes and intensity levels to allow you to adapt the treatment to each of your clients or treated areas. 





The final phase of the treatment is also the most enjoyable! Your clients will appreciate the fresh, soothing and invigorating effect of the Safina mist after their treatment. Spraying the cool lotion quickly soothes irritation and helps restore the skin’s normal pH. This phase can be used at the end of any facial.




* Microdermabrasion treatments performed at Académie Dectro.



The Safina system’s clean, color touchscreen interface provides a simple and user-friendly presentation of the unit’s functions. You will appreciate the digital adjustment of the pressure intensity and the treatment programs. These advanced features allow you to precisely tailor the treatment to the area being treated, gender, skin type and client sensitivity. In addition, the configuration, usb and maintenance menus personalize your device according to your preferences and maximize its long-term use. Details that make all the difference!




Microcrystals Nozzle


•Made of anodized aluminum
•Uniform spray
•Sealed disposable tips
•Lightweight and ergonomic



Diamond Tip Nozzle


• Made of stainless steel
• High performance filter
• Window to monitor filter status
• Simple and efficient maintenance
• 9 tips of different sizesand abrasive levels included





•Made of chrome steel
•Adjustment screw for the intensity of the drizzle
•Several sizes of containersfor the lotion
•Ergonomic handle



Safina unleashes unmatched power with its 4 diaphragm pumps. A great deal of power is necessary to obtain visible results, especially in the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. But such power never comes at the expense of finesse. With Safina, you can make precise pressure adjustments while maintaining a treatment intensity adapted to your client’s skin sensitivity or the type of blemishes to be treated.


Safina relies on CristalVac, a proven suction system, to prevent the accumulation of corundum powder on the skin. With the simple activation of a foot pedal, you can remove all traces of residue from the skin without interrupting the exfoliation process. A hygienic, safe and comfortable procedure.


Safina is equipped with the silicium crystal-based DryFlo anti-humidity system, which absorbs moisture from the aspiration and projection system. The air circulation thus generated prevents the blocking of crystals as well as bacterial proliferation. In addition, with Safina, you benefit from a filtration system that effectively and quickly removes particles and cellular debris that could accumulate in the pneumatic system, thus avoiding any form of contamination.


We firmly believe that our role goes beyond designing and marketing state-of-the-art equipment. In fact, every piece of equipment we sell is protected by Safina privileges, the most extensive benefit package available. With an exceptional warranty, dedicated customer service, and broad marketing support, we are with you from start to finish to ensure that your Safina experience is an extraordinary one.