Secondary Numb - 1.1 oz/31.18 g
Secondary Numb - 1.1 oz/31.18 g
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Secondary Numb - 1.1 oz/31.18 g

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Certified numbing gel made in FDA approved labs using high quality and effective ingredients.


Secondary Numb provides quick, effective numbing and long lasting constriction.


Secondary Numb is the only numbing gel that is scientifically tested, FDA-compliant, and Health Canada-certified. Safe and effective, it is the professional’s choice.


Secondary Numb is an efficient numbing gel that ensures quick and consistent numbing with a powerful vasoconstrictor delivering a smooth cosmetic tattooing experience.


  • Matches skins natural PH levels
  • Only certified & safe skin ingredients
  • Eco-friendly vegan formulation

Contains Lidocaine & Phenylephrine