Sensibilis Post-Depilatory Gel
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Sensibilis Post-Depilatory Gel

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Aloe vera has nutritional, regenerative, revitalizing and moisturizing qualities*. Associated with arnica extract and licorice for its anti-inflammatory properties, the Sensibilis Post-Depilatory Gel is the essential care after electric hair removal to calm and soothe redness. It leaves a feeling of freshness.

Calming and refreshing gel to apply after depilation with electrolysis.
Ionizable gel (+/-).

Composition — Active ingredients

Aloe Vera is a tropical oily plant with long thick dark green leaves. Very rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids, Aloe Vera is known to nourish the dermis in depth. Because of its nutritional, regenerative, revitalizing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory qualities, it stimulates cellular regeneration, the synthesis of collagen and elastin, attenuates fine lines and allows healing.

A mountain plant, arnica exerts an anti-inflammatory action and is often used in case of diffuse redness. In addition, it regulates blood circulation and has soothing and anti-allergic virtues.

This plant has a powerful calming and anti-irritant effect. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it calms the skin after hair removal.

Skin type
All skin types. All parts of the body and face.

After electric hair removal, remove and apply by hand the Sensibilis Post-Depilatory Gel. Proceed with the device’s electrode. Follow the recommendations and the tips attached according to the device used. Once the treatment is finished, wet your fingers and massage gently until the gel penetrates completely.
This product is suitable for all Silhouet-Tone electrolysis devices as well as the Vasculyse.