Sensibilis Pre-Depilatory Lotion
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Sensibilis Pre-Depilatory Lotion

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The Sensibilis Pre-Depilatory Lotion offers excellent astringent benefits and soothing effects. It desinfects skin while delivering a mildly refreshing lightly sensation. By combining the rosemary with bactericide proprieties ans the lavender known for its calming effects, the Pre-depilatory Lotion is an ideal treatment before hair removal with electrolyses. The product may be used with in anaphoresis phase and/or reapplied during treatment to reactivate the soothing effect.


Specific lotion for hair removal with electrolysis.

Prepares skin for hair removal.

Ionizable lotion (+/-).

Active ‚ÄĒ ingredients¬†


Great for dry skins, lavender is a type of plant that is very antiseptic, healing and soothing. It also possesses a strong draining action.


The rosemary is known for its healing and antiseptic qualities. It also possesses antibacterial properties.

Properties of rosemary: antibacterial, antiseptic, healing.


Lemon possesses lightening, astringent and toning qualities. Its essence is extracted by expression of its bark.


With its anesthetizing, astringent, anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties campthor stimulates circulation.

Stimulates blood circulation.

Refreshing agent.


Possesses refreshing qualities and prepates skin for hair removal. By cooling the skin it creates a slight anaesthetic effect.

Skin type 

All skin types. All body parts and face.

Suggested use 

Soak a cotton pad in the Sensibilis Pre-Depilatory Lotion and apply by massaging on the areas to be depilated. Proceed to the manoeuvres with the electrodes. The product may be reapplied during treatment to reactivate its soothing effect.


Avoid the eye contour.

Product appearance 

Liquid texture. Transparent blue colour.


500 ml pump bottle