Vitali-T LT-O2 - Light Based Oxygen Care - Red/Blue/Green
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Vitali-T LT-O2 - Light Based Oxygen Care - Red/Blue/Green

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Provides the necessary oxygen as well as red, blue and green light to the skin. Must be connected to the Vital-O2 oxygen device.


• Red: stimulates, revitalizes and gives a firmer look to the skin. 
• Blue: purifying 
• Green: skin-lightening and soothing 
• Provides oxygen to skin cells 
• Transports the main active ingredients of the cosmetic products deep into the skin 
• Gives brightness and tone to the skin

• Ergonomic design 
• Meets international standards, One-year warranty
• Composed of 21 light-emitting LED diodes 
• Integrates 3 colors, independently operated: red (625nm), blue (470nm) and green (528nm) 
• Integrated adjustment of light pulse frequency
• Create a positive hyperpressure of pure oxygen 
• Connects exclusively to the Vital•O2 Lux oxygen therapy system