Vitali-T Vitaphase IR - Infrared Care - Face & Body
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Vitali-T Vitaphase IR - Infrared Care - Face & Body

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Vita-Sensa IR offers global face and body care via exposure to infrared light. Invisible though the latter may be to the naked eye, its benefits are most definitely not! Indeed, IR exposure is an excellent way to make the skin look firmer and smoother. The localized heat it generates inside the tissues also triggers a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, which contributes in improving the silhouette. Recommended for: mature skin, cellulite, lack of tone. Your face and body in harmony!

• Deep skin penetration 
• Gives a firmer look to the skin 
• Stimulates regeneration 
• Reduces the aspect of signs of ageing 
• Reduces the aspect of cellulite 
• Well-being sensation

• Ergonomic design 
• May be connected to VitaPeel Ion, Vitaderm, VitaLift, Vita•Lux, Vital•O2 Lux, Apilus 3G, Apilus Platinum, Apilus xCell 
• Meets international standards, One-year warranty 
• Composed of 21 light-emitting diodes LED 
• 16 diodes in the infrared spectrum (875nm) and 5 red LED (660nm) 
• 2 modes: Infrared Light Therapy and Infrared Pulsing Light Therapy 
• Integrated light pulse frequency adjustment