Vitali-T Vitaphase IM for Apilus
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Vitali-T Vitaphase IM for Apilus

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The VitaPhase IM™ allows to perform treatments in synergy with

the galvanic mode of your Apilus electrolysis hair removal unit. This
device offers two modes: Phoresis and Phoresis/Massage. At the end of
a treatment, combining the VitaPhase IM™ with a positive-polarity galvanic
current and a gel will reduce the aspect of redness, give a soothing
and puriying effect. Furthermore, combined with the vibro-massage,
it will promote an even greater penetration of cosmetic products,
thereby enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Benefits in the positive polarity:
• Reduce the appearance of
• Enhances the penetration of
cosmetic products
• Soothing and purifying action

Benefits in the negative polarity:
• Deep-cleanses the skin by
emulsifying excess sebum
• Facilitates comedo extraction
• Enhances the penetration of cosmetic products